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  Amsterdam tips
My personal recommendations for visitors to my home town Amsterdam. Things to see and do, nightlife, museums, flea markets, nice areas for a stroll and some shopping...

Berlin tips
I adore Berlin. I love this ever changing city's roughness and all its contrasts. It has hyper modern buildings alongside very old and blackened up ones. Typically German beer gardens but also very cool artistic gay cafes. Lots of street art, museums and monuments. So far I've visited 6 times. Here are my tips.

The best travel related web site there is - check out Thorn Tree for an online discussion board, Subwwway for many links, Health if you care about the only body you got in this world, and all the other pages....

  Niņos Hotel & foundation, Peru
Hotel Niņos in Cuzco, Peru - run by a Dutch lady who has adopted 12 street kids, and her foundation also feeds 500 other neglected kids every day.
Donations are always welcome. Or if you are visiting Peru, make sure to book a room at one of their hotels! - jobs & holidays
An excellent site for finding (volunteer or paid) jobs abroad or for booking language courses. Lots of other tips and resources as well. Especially useful for everyone who lives in the Netherlands.

Passport stamps collection

Click here to see my passport stamps collection

Chile 1997, Bolivia 1998 (and renewal Bolivia)

Chile 1997, Indonesia 1997

Peru 1998, USA 1999, Malawi 2000

Australia 1997 (work visa)

Zambia 2000

Morocco 2004

Kenya 2004, Tanzania 2004, Zanzibar 2004 (officially part of Tanzania, but you need seperate entry and exit stamps)

Brazil 2006, Peru 2006

Brazil 2006; Thailand 2009; Laos 2009

Laos 2009