Brazil videos, February - March 2006

Kids learning capoeira

Funny percussionist
Carnaval in Olinda and Recife
Fernando de Noronha: dolphins and beach
Open air birthday party with live music
Lencóis Maranhences national park

Kids learning capoeira, Lençóis, Chapada Diamantina national park, Brazil
Lovely to see these nimble kids playing capoeira.

Funny percussionist, Lençóis, Chapada Diamantina national park, Brazil
Typical street scene in lovely mellow Lençóis.

Carnaval in Olinda and Recife, northeastern Brazil

I spent three days in Olinda and Recife during Carnaval. Olinda was mellow and fun. On the first Saturday it was still possible to walk the streets and follow bands. On the Sunday it was extremely crowded and impossible to go from A to B. You were simply swept away by the crowds.
In Recife there was a big party on the first Saturday, it was quite hectic with lots of people in their twenties dancing, drinking and fighting...


Fernando de Noronha
Fernando de Noronha is a small island 300 km out the coast of northern Brazil. It has many beautiful, deserted beaches, and the underwater life is amazing. You can snorkel between turtles and many colourful fish, and see wild dolphins from a boat.

Dolphins in Baia dos Golfinhos, Fernando de Noronha:

Ahhh the good life... cocktails, sunset, surfers and music on Praia do Conceição:

Open air birthday party with live music in São Luís, northern Brazil, March 2006

I saw this cute little girl dancing to the music of a birthday party that was held outside on a terrace. The rythm is in the Brazilians' genes....

Little dancing queen:

Lençóis Maranhences
This national park in near São Luís in northern Brazil has dunes bordering the ocean, natural pools, many birds, some crocs.