Indonesia, May and June 1997

Two months on Bali and Java.

Note: during my round-the-world trip I did not have a single lense reflex camera yet.
I only had a very simple point-and-shoot camera without zoom options.

The route

A very disgusting little note, worth about US$ 0.05

Worth about US$ 0.25

Anturan, northern Bali

Anturan, northern Bali

About US$4 for dinner for two

The fastest palm tree climber in town. You need a coconut? Call him.

Singaraja, northern Bali

A temple, sash and skirt obligatory, northern Bali

Playing the gamalan. Not very easy on the ears!

Standing on the brim of Gunung Bromo's krater (a sleeping vulcano), eastern Java

The sunrise over the Bromo valley, eastern Java

Train ticket from Bandung (western Java) to Yogyakarta (middle Java)
but of course you already read that on the ticket itself

After islamic service in the mosque... "which were mine?!"

Prambanan, one of the few Hindu temples on Java

Train ticket from Yogyakarta (middle Java) to Cilacap (southwest Java),
from where we took the boat on to Pangandaran

Our guide Kiki during a 6 hour walk through the jungle (Pangandaran, soutwest Java)

Ronald McDonald goes Hindu
Kuta, south Bali

Offrings / sacrifices to the Hindu gods on dangerous traffic areas, renewed 5 times a day
(hand made cups with rice, sweets, cigarettes... the dogs eating it was a sign that the gods accepted the offrings!)

Sanur, south Bali

Snorkling, Sanur, south Bali

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