Chile (November 1997)

Note: during my round-the-world trip I did not have a single lense reflex camera yet.
I only had a very simple point-and-shoot camera without zoom options.

The route.
Unfortunately Chile was quite expensive and so we could not afford to go to the southern part.

Flying to Santiago over the Andes with its peaks of up to almost 7000 meters above sea level

Chile had won an important soccer match from Bolivia (Cálama, northern Chile)

The central church in San Pedro de Atacama, northern Chile

Restaurant Adobe, hand made of mud (even the couches and some of the tables),
no roof, and an open fireplace in the middle. That, and great food.
But also stoned waiters. Apparently San Pedro deals with quite a drug problem amongst the young.

Club de Ancianos - Elderly Club (San Pedro)

Horseback tour through the desert around San Pedro (with Cactus tour company)

El Tatio geyser field, northern Chile (at about +5000 meters)

El Tatio

El Tatio

El Tatio

The train from Cálama (Chile) to Uyuni (Bolivia). 14 hours delay on a 14 hour trip! So 28 hours in total!
3 hours of the delay were at the start of the trip. This picture was taken on the border, where we had to wait
for a Bolivian locomotive to take over from the Chilean one... for 11 hours. You'd say that they'd be able
to arrange for the locomotive to be there on time, seeing that the train only goes once a week. Apparently not.

And we complain about the Dutch railway company! :-)

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