Australia (July through October 1997)

4 months in Australia, 3 of which working our asses off. (2 months in Perth as a dishwasher and a telemarketeer; one month in Sydney as a waitress)

Note: during my round-the-world trip I did not have a single lense reflex camera yet. I only had a very simple point-and-shoot camera without zoom options.

The route

My Italian bosses at Lo Spuntino in Perth, where I washed dishes

Look, the back of the car is long enough to sleep in!

Matrass in the back... way easier than putting up a tent

Typical view when driving in Australia

A "Road Train". Hold your steering wheel when one comes up! These monsters go 100 kilometers an hour and cause a lot of air movement.
The drivers are often ZZ-top look-alikes.

The mailboxes for all the inhabitants in a radius of a few kilometers

The weather in Australian winter can be quite rainy

Driving up to Eucla, a ghost town

This used to be Eucla's telegraph building.
Now the only inhabitants Eucla has, are the ten people living at the Road House (gas station). The only settling for hundreds of kilometers.

Beware of camels, wombats and kangaroos

In the middle of nowhere (Western Australia / South Australia border village)

Southern Right Whale, which can be spotted along the south coast of Australia during winter.

We happened to see a baby whale being born! (this is a picture from a leaflet)

Baby emus (some sort of ostriches)

Ostriches at an emu farm (Ceduna, South Australia)

Near Adelaide is a big wine area

Fishing with Jason and his mates. We met Jason on Bali in June.


Jason and Mike after a shot of Tequila

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