My two sweetheart cats

  Azrael, the cat I got in June 2002 at age 8 weeks
Azrael was found with two sisters but without a mother, and brought to an asylum, where I got her a few days later. At first she was really shy and scared, but that has gotten a lot better now. She plays a lot and is soooo cute. Sudden sounds or movements still scare her easily, but she comes up to strangers by herself now.
  and Lola, which I got in November 2004, age 5 months
Azrael was getting a bit lonely so I got her a little friend, which is always a bit of a gamble of course. I got Lola from the asylum where she had been for a month by then. She loved other cats and was extremely easy and friendly, and an attention addict. It seemed to me she must be able to melt Azrael's traumatised little heart, and I was right. After only 3 days of hissing and growling and defending her territory, Azrael decided that this little bouncy furry thing might be quite fun to play with.

June 2002, Azrael 8 weeks old

August 2002, Azrael 14 weeks old:

October 2002, 6 months old:

November 2002, Azrael 7 months old:

November 2004, Lola and Azrael
The Peace Process !

December 2004, Lola 6 months old

January 2005, Lola 7 months old

March 2005

April 2005

July 2005