Cecilia getting phylosophical

Cecilia getting philosophical

The globe you see to the left hand side is not just any other picture I liked. To me, it represents a way of looking at life. Sometimes I feel like "everyday life" is absorbing me too much, like it is taking over, I feel like I don't have time to get anything done (let alone see my friends), and I get a little stressed and depressed. Or sometimes a certain problem or a difficult decision is keeping me awake and I feel totally lost and confused.

At times like that I try to strand back and see things from another perspective. The perspective I try to get is very wide and timeless. I try to look at life - people, work, love, death, the earth - from a far distance, as an outsider. And I try to lose the concept of time as we use it in our everyday lives. Then suddenly all my problems seem so small. I myself seem so small. Looking down at the globe in this way also reminds me of all the millions of people who are worse off than me, who live in poverty, wars and hunger, and I cannot believe how lucky I am. And I find it hard to believe that hardly anyone around me seems to realise how lucky they are.
I also see that my lifetime is only very short, compared to the centuries and centuries that the earth has existed. So how important can "that problem at work" be, if all the people I work with will not even be alive 100 years from now?

I realise anew that work, money, materialistic possessions, is not all there is to life, and I am reminded of how relative everything is and that I should live life to the fullest, love my loved ones to the fullest, seize the day while I still can, enjoy all the health and freedom and love that I've got. It is difficult in this materialistic world, and in this consumption based society, to keep living my life by this standard. But I try...

And while I'm busy trying to take time, concentrate on the perspective where I look down upon the earth, I often lose myself in thoughts about the universe (amazingly big and incomprehensibly endless), dreams, different perceptions of time, death, reincarnation, and things like that. I find it fascinating and relaxing to think about things like that. And I always love to talk with people who have interesting views on those subjects. So it would be great to get some personal reactions from people who recognise a few things in my ramblings above. You can click on the E-mail button above and send me your thoughts on life, people, etc. Might make for some interesting discussions.

Okay, that's enough heavy stuff for now. Go and enjoy the rest of my site which, I promise, is much more light-hearted!

- life is not a dress rehearsal -