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September / October 2015


A lovely 24 day holiday through central and southern Spain. A perfect mix of city life, stunning nature, cute villages, beach, sun and tapas.

Madrid > 6 days with a rental car to Cuenca > Ciudad Encantada > Toledo > Segovia > Sepúlveda > Madrid again > High speed train to Córdoba > High speed train to Málaga.

Read my blog and see pictures here.

Spain 2015 blog


October 2014


Read my blog and see pictures 10 days in fairytale wonderland. Medieval hansa towns, castles, spas, mountains and impressive forests to do beautiful hikes in, on the former border of BRD and DDR. First 2 nights in Bad Pyrmont in Niedersachsen, then two more hours east to Quedlinburg and the Harz mountains for 7 nights. Perfect autumn get-away.

Read my blog and see pictures here.


October / November 2013

Porto, Portugal

8 days in lovely Porto. Super cheap food and drinks, beautiful old architecture, live fado, friendly locals, the beach within 15 minutes bike ride. Bliss!

Read my blog and see pictures here.



January / February 2013

New York City and Colombia

5 days in New York, and 5 weeks in diverse, fascinating, expensive, friendly, beautiful Colombia. Read my blog and see pictures here.

Colombian men


April/May 2012


5 lovely days in Scotland and I finally got to see puffins in the wild!
See pictures here. Read the short blog and see the itinerary here.

Puffins in Scotland


October 2011

Andalucía, Spain

I spent three weeks in Andalucía in September and October 2011. I took private Spanish lessons in lovely Sevilla for a week and drove around in a rental car for two weeks.

See pictures here.

See travel blog here.


December 2010 / January 2011
Nicaragua photos

I travelled through Nicaragua for three weeks with my friend Yvonne. What a beautiful, diverse country with really nice, mellow people, and so many volcanoes. See the photos here.

November 2009
Laos Travel blog
I travelled in Laos and a bit of Thailand for a month in October / November 2009. You can read all about it here.

See pictures here.

September 2008
Amsterdam pictures

My friend Angela and I played tourist in our home town Amsterdam and took loads of pictures.

January 2007
Lonely Planet is buying a photograph I made

This picture of school kids in Malawi will be published in The Africa Book, a new type of book by Lonely Planet.
My picture was one of 19 to be selected out of hundreds of entries in Lonely Planet's photo competition.
The Africa Book is due to come out by the end of 2007.

November 2006
, Sweden
I visited a Swedish friend in northern Sweden (and spent a day in Stockholm before getting there). It was already snowing there and night started falling at 2.30pm! I had a great time catching up, meeting her friends, going out and seeing live bands, and seeing the world's oldest ski in the Ski Museum :-) (5200 years old).

Umeå, Sweden   Umeå, Sweden

August 2006
Berlin, Germany
4 days in Berlin was way too short... I love that city! I got to see it without snow for the first time. And discovered that biking around town is THE way to go! Berlin is very flat and easy to get around.

April 2006
Brazil and Peru
A long time dream has come true: I visited Brazil for the first time! And while I was "in the neighbourhood" I also visited my friend Jolanda in Cuzco, Peru.

Read more here.
Photos can be viewed here.

January 2006
Amsterdam recommendations

I've added a section with my personal recommendations for visitors to my home town Amsterdam.

December 2005
Travel plans for Brazil and Peru

A long time dream is coming true: I will be visiting Brazil for the first time! And while I'm "in the neighbourhood" I am visiting a friend in Peru, Jolanda in Cuzco.
I'm practicing my Portuguese with a friend over here, and getting ready to go!

October 2005
New travel quotations
I added more quotations that might explain the wanderlust of people like me.

How do you like this one?

"The more I see the more I know I want to see and the more I know I don't know. It is wonderful." - Beren Patterson,

June 2005
I added pictures of my two darlings.

March 2005
Moving targets
I had fun catching shadows with my camera from a 7th floor apartment.

March 2004
Series of a street artist
I followed a two month intensive photography course. The last assignment was to create a series. Click here to see the pictures.


January 2004 - Nieuwjaarsduik
Scheveningen beach, Den Haag, Netherlands
A dive into the North Sea at minus 3 degrees Centigrade and in the snow! A hell of a way to celebrate my 30th birthday along with 8000 other lunatics.

July 2003
Malawi travelogue
I've added a new part of my Malawi travelogue. I'm still working on completing it (3 years later...). Yeah well, you know how it goes with web site building... it's a job never that's never finished. But the pictures are on line!
And I'm planning on putting up the pictures and travelogue of my upcoming holiday a lot faster. :-)


February 2003
World trip pictures

I've finally, finally added pictures of my round-the-world trip of 1997-1998 to Indonesia, Australia, Chile, Bolivia and Peru.


January 2003
Malawi travelogue

I've added a new part of my Malawi travelogue. I'm still working on completing it.

Fall 2002
New layout

Those of you who've been here before, will notice that I've completely changed the lay-out of my web site. The picture in the top left corner is one of my own, made on the beach of Lake Malawi.

Have a look at the old lay-out Click on the image to see what my homepage used to look like!

Fall 2002
New guestbook

I changed my old Yahoo guestbook into the Tripod HTML gear one I have now. This new one has way more features, like automatic reply to anyone who writes in my guestbook, adjustable colours and font types, custom made questions that I ask the user, etc. I copied all the old messages into my new Guestbook, and since then people have kept on adding their messages, which is great! It's so nice to get feedback and comments from complete strangers who have wandered into my site!

I only added this News page on 8 February 2003, so there is no record of 'news' before that date. - Cécile